Best Water Storage Tanks in 2024 | Safe and Durable - Water Supply Tanks

Best Water Storage Tanks in 2024 | Safe and Durable

Water Storage in 2024 - Best Water Storage Tanks 

Water storage tanks are becoming very popular in both commercial and residential settings. Even the plastic water storage tank market alone will hit $2.4 billion by 2030. Water tanks ensure a reliable water supply during emergencies and aid conservation efforts. However, many water storage tanks, with varying styles, materials like plastic and steel, and prices, are available in the market. 

This makes choosing the right water storage containers a daunting task. But there's nothing to worry about!

In this guide, we'll walk you through the best water storage tanks in 2024 options, along with their key features. Let's begin!

Best Water Storage Tanks in 2024 

Here's a list of the most incredible and highly functional water storage containers you should consider:

35 Gallon Water Storage Tank - WaterPrepared 

Price: $274.99

Key Features:

  • Comes with Brass Spigots 
  • Huge capacity of 35 Gallons
  • Made of FDA Food Grade Materials 
  • Dimensions: 20.25"x22.5"x30"

The 35-gallon Water Storage Tank - WaterPrepared is the perfect water storage tank for your outdoor adventures, be it hiking or picnicking. It's made with FDA food-grade materials and is BPA-free, ensuring the safety of your stored water. The large-cap makes refilling a breeze, while the brass spigot maximizes your comfort by offering easy access to your water supply. 

With built-in handles, this water tank is highly portable. The presence of slot trailer straps further enhances convenience. The cherry on the cake? This tank comes with a one-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. 

160 Gallon Water Storage Tank - WaterPrepared 

Price: $499.95 

Key Features

  • It has a maximum capacity of 160 Gallons 
  • Reinforced with blended UV-resistant plastic 
  • Made of rugged high-density polyethylene material (HDPE) and is BPA-free
  • Dimensions: 29"x36"x45

This 160-gallon Water Storage Tank is the perfect solution for emergency water needs. It's crafted from rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. It’s BPA-free, ensuring the safety and purity of your stored water. This tank's durability is unmatched, as it can handle the pressure of hundreds of gallons of water without leaking or bursting. 

Vacuum drills are used to manufacture these water storage tanks to minimize the risk of plastic shavings. But that's not all—the overall UV-resistant structure of the storage tank further boosts the safety of your drinking water. Just rotate the spigot on it to have quick access to water. 

260 Gallon Water Storage Tank - SureWater 

Price: $566.99

Key Features

  • BPA-free and made with FDA food-grade materials 
  • Incredible capacity of 260 gallons 
  • Weighs 75 pounds empty and 2,234 full 
  • Dimensions: 28.75"x32.25"x 86.25"

Another one of our amazing products is the 260-gallon Water Storage Tank. With its massive capacity, the tank can easily provide you with water for 260 days, something which is extremely helpful in emergency situations. The BPA-free and FDA food-grade materials like the rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ensure the durability and sanitation of your stored water. 

Blended UV-resistant plastic shields the water from contamination, strengthening this container further. Featuring an exceptional space-saving design and dimensions of 28.75"x 32.25"x 86.25", you can easily fit this tank in your backyard, home, or garage. 

500 Gallon Water Storage Tank - SureWater

Price: $1,199.99

Key Features

  • Maximum capacity of 500 gallons 
  • Easily fits through a standard doorway
  • BPA Free and manufactured with FDA food-grade materials 
  • 160 pounds when empty and 4,330 pounds full with water
  • Dimensions: 29" 69" 78"

If you are in an area where water is scarce, you should definitely invest in this 500-gallon Water Storage Tank. This tank keeps you hydrated for 500 days. There's little presence of plastic shavings inside, and if you find any shaving, it can be easily removed via a vacuum cleaner. This tank weighs 160 pounds empty, which means you can easily place it anywhere in your home or commercial building. 

However, if you want to carry this for your long road trip, it may not be suitable due to its high weight when full, which is around 4,330. And don't worry about any leaking issues typically associated with plastic spigots. Our water container features a brass spigot that's easy to handle and durable. 

1500 Gallon Water Tank - SureWater 

Price: $1,499.99

Key Features

  • Huge capacity of 1500 gallons 
  • BPA Free and crafted from FDA food-grade materials
  • Integrated brass spigot 
  • Dimensions: 88″ W x 75″ H"

Living off-grid indeed has plenty of benefits like self-sufficiency and a deeper connection with nature; it also presents challenges like water shortages. So, if you live off-grid, consider this water storage tank. 

The 1500-gallon Water Container provides a water supply for 1,500 days, while the UV-resistant structure ensures the stored water is safe. You can enjoy easy access to your emergency water via the brass spigot. Connect it with your standard garden hose, and you are ready!

Tips to Choose the Best Water Storage Tank

The following are the tips you must consider when buying the best water storage tanks in 2024:

  • Capacity: Check the container's capacity and ensure it aligns with your water needs. For instance, if you live in an area with a water shortage, opting for a water container ranging from 1000 gallons to 1500 gallons is best. 
  • Material Quality: Make sure the water storage tank is made of environmentally friendly and durable materials. It's suggested to opt for water containers that are BPA-free and made of FDA food-grade materials to ensure your water is safe and away from contaminants. 
  • Cost: Budget is the most critical factor to consider. While investing in high-quality containers is important, you must not break the bank to purchase one. Usually, you can find high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water storage tanks starting from $280, which is quite budget-friendly. 


There are plenty of the best water storage tanks available in the market. You should invest in the one that fulfills your water needs and is curated with high-quality and safe materials. Water Supply Tanks is a prominent name in the world of water storage tanks. All our tanks are BPA-free and made with eco-friendly materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Our products are FDA-approved, come with a warranty, and serve you in the long run. 

Contact us today and have a reliable water storage solution for your needs!

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