260 Gallon Water Storage Tank By SureWater – Emergency Water Tank with Spigot for Emergency Disaster Preparedness

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260-gallon SureWater Water Tank

The tank came promptly, and the delivery driver offered to, and did, help me set it up in my garage. Unfortunately, my husband did not want it in the garage, so my son helped me move it to our patio. I have not been able to fill the tank yet because the patio is slightly sloped, not level, so I have to contract with someone to build me a wood base with a level top that accommodates the patio slope. A 260-gal tank will be close to 2,200 lbs when full, so it is more challenging to be sure the base and what it sits on can handle that weight. I have not yet found someone who really knows how to address the weight issue . . . how to build the base's frame, how much area the top should have to distribute the weight, and what dimensions of wood should be used. My patio is at least 3 inches thick, so I hope that's enough. If I had known I would be locating my tank on the patio before I bought the tank, I would have chosen a smaller tank and had to buy more tanks. . . I really need the 260 gallons. In summary, the 260-gallon tank is great if one can locate it in a garage or on a specially-built level concrete base, but locating such a tank on a patio, because of the slope, presents a challenge which no one on the internet appears to have addressed. Hopefully I can make it work.

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