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Water Supply Tanks

55 Gallon Water Tank

WaterSupply is pleased to say that all of our products are manufactured in the USA. WaterSupply tanks are made with durable, high density polyethylene that is FDA approved, BPA-Free, Food-Safe, independently certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and specially developed to hold hundreds of gallons of clean drinking water. Our water tanks incorporate usability and functionality based on customer feedback to make storing and accessing your water hassle free. Our tanks have two spigots that can connect to the standard garden house allowing for easy use and water rotation. Our tanks are designed to be stackable to better help you maximize your precious floor space. We thoroughly enjoy helping families achieve self sufficiency and giving them the peace of mind they need knowing they are prepared for any emergency.

Our Story

WaterSupply was created out of the need for a better water storage system that any family could use. WaterSupply creates and supplies tanks that allow for a large capacity of water to be stored in tanks that can be handled by the average family. Thousands of families are now storing water to be self-sufficient for months. These families have the peace of mind knowing that their water is easily accessible in times of catastrophe. WaterSupply Tanks is owned and operated by Matt Hull and Mckay Elliott. Both grew up in prepared homes who experienced natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, a house fire and a tornado. They have helped teach others self-reliance and the importance of a clean, secure water storage system.

Disasters Happen. No One Can Control That. All We Can Do Is Be Completely Prepared.

At WaterSupply Tanks, we understand the value of being prepared for anything. Based in Utah Valley - a hotspot for emergency preparedness supply companies - we are very aware of the fact that water supply is often an overlooked priority when creating your emergency preparedness kits. Our water tanks are specifically designed to help families solve that problem in a manner that allows each household to be at peace knowing they have enough clean water during an emergency. Our mission is to prepare every household for disaster. The first step in preparing for a disaster is ensuring you have a clean, safe supply of water for your entire family. WaterSupply carries only the highest quality of tanks in order to give you confidence in your emergency preparedness.

All Water Supply Containers are...

USA Flag BPA Free FDA Approved HDPE Food Grade NSF Independently Certified