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Reduce Water Use During Drought Conditions

Reduce water use during drought conditions

The West is not in the best of times according to new projections on precipitation and water levels for 2023. Utah and other western states are currently facing severe water shortages that could make it more difficult to enjoy the summer. California is experiencing the worst drought in 100 years. The state has declared an emergency.

What can you do to make a difference now, other than lying in bed and worrying? Water supplies in cities are limited and any amount you can save now will pay off later. There are many ways to save water so you have it when it is needed.

Reducing water use around the house

You will first need to fix leaky pipes or faucets. If left unattended, a toilet can leak up to 200 gallons per day. Check your water meter to see if there is a leak. Then, stop using water for at least two hours. If the reading on your meter has changed during that time, it's likely there is a leak somewhere.

Instead of running water while you are washing produce, brushing teeth, or shaving, fill the sink with approximately an inch of water. To reduce water waste, wash only full loads of laundry and dishes.

Reducing water use in the garden

Planting drought-resistant plants in your garden can help you reduce the amount of watering that you have to do. These plants, shrubs, and trees can be watered more frequently with a soakerhose, but for longer periods of time. The roots are also deep enough to prevent them from drying out. To conserve water, you can install rain sensors, timers and moisture sensors to your sprinkler system. Reduce evaporation by watering your lawn in the morning when the temperature is cooler. Also, raise the height of your lawn mower to help the lawn retain less moisture. Avoid fertilizing your lawn, as it can cause the plants to grow faster and require more water.

Rainwater Collection

Utah passed a law that allows rainwater collection for personal use. Each household can collect up to 2,500 gallons if they have an underground storage container or two 100-gallon containers above ground. According to the EPA, a rain barrel could save families as much as 1,300 gallons annually. Although it is not recommended for drinking, it can be used for watering the lawn, washing cars, washing laundry, etc.

Avoid Water Waste

There are many things we can do to conserve water. It is important to only use water when it is absolutely necessary. You can take shorter showers or use a bucket to wash your car instead of a 6 gallons per minute hose. Even though these changes may seem small, they can help you save thousands of gallons annually and ensure there is enough water to last when you need it.

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