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Where Can I Find Emergency Water In Times of Need?

Locating emergency water sources.

Emergencies can come in many forms and are difficult to predict. They can also be very unpredictable and sometimes impossible to avoid, as any insurance commercial (even the funny ones) will tell you. While we do our best to prepare for all possible scenarios, it is crucial to have the knowledge and supplies to deal with any emergency. Clean drinking water is vital. But maybe you don’t have enough or worse, maybe you didn’t know how to store water when you really needed it. What would you do if you had to search for emergency water sources in an emergency?

Hidden water reserves may be found in many places in your home. If you suspect your home is in imminent danger, turn off the incoming water valve. This will improve your chances of keeping your existing water safe and clean.

Your home's water heater tank is the largest source of emergency water. It usually holds between 30-60 gallons. To avoid injury, make sure you turn off the electricity and let the water cool down before draining it. Access to water will be easy and safe via the release valve located at the bottom.

You can also drain your water pipes using gravity. To do this, turn on the highest faucet. After it drains a small amount of water, you can leave the faucet on for a time to let air in your pipes. Turn on the lowest tap in your house. The water in the tank (not in the bowl) will drain by gravity. By draining canned foods and melting water in ice cube tray, you can get smaller amounts of emergency water. There's also the water found in rivers, streams, ponds, or lakes nearby. This water can be used to provide water but it is possible for water to become contaminated in an emergency.

Water from any source that contains contaminants must be purified or filtered. Boiling water is the best method to purify it. This information is not necessary. Hopefully, you won't be needing it.

 By having an emergency water storage tank you can be prepared in times of need. Our 55 gallon and 260 gallon water tanks are perfect for families of various sizes.

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